Any robust and effective safeguarding system must be underpinned by the principal of 'responsibility for all'.  We absolutely know that the overwhelming majority of coaches and other volunteers consider safeguarding paramount in their work..... This said we also believe that this committment to safeguarding should be formalised with the introduction of 'safeguarding committees' within junior football, with all key volunteers taking an active role in the key decisions surrounding safegaurding

We believe giving an 'active voice' to every sector and strata of sport, by including their perspective and experiences in the decision making process, will offer more robust protection to both our children and to volunteers.

We also advocate an overhaul of the current Disclosure and Disbarring Service. The system we use to determine and advise on an individual's suitability to work with children must also automatically advise when that suitability lapses. The DBS does not do that. Such a system may intrude more on the privacy of volunteers but we do not believe this should stand in the way of child protection. Those with nothing to hide have nothing to fear. We believe that if you want to work with children and vulnerable adults then ascertaining suitability to do so is essential.

As such we actively encourage individuals, clubs and NGB;S to subscribe to the DBS update service which will allow the setting to make regular checks on all DBS checked personnel. This is something SAVE are currently working on with the DBS to enhance knowledge and awareness of the update service.

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We believe a fit for purpose DBS, functioning in a way to best protect vulnerable people, would automatically flag to employers and organisations when an employee or volunteer becomes unsuitable or potentially unsuitable to work with children and other vulnerable groups. All stakeholders within regulated activities should be aware that DBS checks are far from a front line of defence when it comes to employees and volunteers. The DBS system will discourage many thousands of individuals every year from applying for jobs working with children where the setting used the DBS system. This is the strength. Settings must still still have robust and safe recruitment systems and policies, take up references and monitor. Again we strongly recommend settings and individuals signing unto the DBS update service.

Below are some links to materials for coaches. If your sport doesn't appear here, click on the Sport England recognised sports list here or below. 

Click on the 'Sport England link below to find further links to the national governing bodies of all the sports they officially recognise. Hopefully on these sites you will be able to find volunteer/coach resources.

If you still cannot find the necessary information on your sport please send us a message via the contact form above and we will endeavour to get back to you with the correct information/link to your sport/ regulated activity.

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