Designated safeguarding leads

Whlst 'responsibility for all' is a fundamental principal that underpins safeguarding and it is important when working with children within education, any regulated activity or indeed any other setting that one person (where deemed necessary by numbers supported by other suitably qualified individuals) ensures that safeguarding policies and procedures are robust and fit for purpose. Within some settings (sports settings, education, faith, children's homes etc) this principal is fixed in law and re-enforced by national governing bodies. In other settings it should be considered best practice to assign this role to a suitably qualified individual.

This person may be referred to as 'the safeguarding lead', 'the safeguarding officer' or 'the welfare officer'. The safeguarding policies and procedures should make it clear who this individual is, what their title is and how they are contactable. Within law this person is deemed to be the 'designated safeguarding lead'.

The responsibilities of the 'designated safeguarding lead' include

  • Designing and enforcing the organisation's 'Safeguarding Policy'

  • Recognising and monitoring welfare issues

  • Challenging poor practice by all stakeholders including children and parents

  • Sharing of information appropriately

  • Ensuring the database of all service users and providers is current

  • Knowing which children are subject to a child protection plan

  • Ensuring all information is current

  • Liaising with LSCB to ensure guidance and information is up to date

  • Making appropriate referrals to social services

  • Working with families, sharing information and contributing to appropriate plans

  • Ensuring all staff and volunteers have appropriate levels of safeguarding training, that they undestand their responsibility and that training is up to date

  • Making sure all staff have suitable DBS cheks and referrals are handled appropriately

  • Making sure that all DBS checks are renewed every three years (current best practice)

Take a look at some of the key safeguarding documents below.

These are the standards we should all be working towards

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