Research projects

SAVE is currently involved in several projects which have research attached to them. These projects will involve service delivery along side research and/or the research will contribute to what is delivered. The projects will target areas of work that we believe have as yet, been, in the large, ignored. We believe the approach is also innovative and again something that as yet has not been given much consideration. These projects will, we hope have longevity and we hope in future months to be able to publish our first insights.

We at SAVE are also in an extremely priveleged position to have access to research data from a partner organisation and we are hopeful that in the near future we will be able to discuss further the information available to us. We are confident that we will be able to improve our understanding and knowledge for the benefit of not only individuals, clubs, NGB'S and both small and large charities but for wider society in general.

We at SAVE will always look to continuously improve by informing ourselves of the most current and relevant information and will always look to participate and contribute to a process of continuous learning through our partnership with academic and professional organisations. Contributing to our understanding of a given environment or setting is in our opinion is paramount to underpinning the most robust of practices and wherever and whenever possible SAVE will always endeavour to work in partnership to this end.

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