It is a fact that many many survivors of childhood sexual abuse take their secret to the grave. Why is this ? Ironically the abused spends most of their life pre disclosure telling themselves that 'they just won't believe me' whilst post disclosure firneds and family are incredulous as to why you have never said anything. In many ways it is the abuser's biggest weapon. We strongly encourage disclosure simply because we have seen and experienced the efects of non-disclosure. We know through our own experience of an average of 25 years of non-disclosure that it is a momentous decision. We believe that the very public dislosures regarding none recent childhood sexual abuse in sport have helped to bring the avegare disclosure period down. We further believe we are in a unique and priveleged position to be able to work towards affecting this more by telling our stories more widely and to targeted audiences. Disclosure will always remain a momentous decision but we strongly believe that the negative effects of none-disclosure will always outweigh the effects of disclosure.  

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