David White

David White was born on 30th October 1967 in Urmston, Manchester, a couple of miles from the family home in Eccles where he would spend the first nineteen years of his life. Dad Stewart was an ardent Man City fan so when David started showing promise as a tall and quick winger there was only one place he wanted to end up.

David got his wish at just ten years old joining a junior team with associations to Manchester City. Unfortunately this would also where he would meet his abuser. Despite his sexual abuse by his coach at the age of eleven David managed to sign schoolboy forms for Man City and progress to become one of the first even ‘youth training scheme’ apprentices when he left school in 1984.

David’s professional career is best remembered for his seven year spell at Manchester City during which he played well over three hundred games and scored just four short of a hundred goals. He also gained his one full England cap against Spain in Santander in September 1992. He went on to play for Leeds and Sheffield United before injury cut short his career at just 29.

David kept his childhood abuse to himself until 1997, some eighteen years, but was still determined that his parents could not know the truth and despite confiding in his mum a few years later, before his father Stewart passed away in 2010 without finding out about what had happened nearly thirty years earlier.

David had completed the writing of his autobiography ‘Shades of Blue’ when the stories of none recent child sexual abuse in football escalated in November 2016 and as the content was in the book any way decided to come forward with his story.

The first meeting of ‘SAVE’ took place at Wembley in December 2016 although the four didn’t know that at the time. ‘It very quickly became clear that we were in a unique and priveleged position to make a difference so that is what we shall try to do.’

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