Former Manchester City and Bury player Darren Wilson has worked for the PFA for over nine years in his capacity of Director of Finance. Darren’s professional football career ended when he was just 21 years old after contracting a life threatening illness which finished his football career. After consulting the PFA’s education department he completed a BTEC in Business and Finance, Foundation Course in Accounting and Finance, BA (Honours) in Accounting and Finance and then qualified as a Chartered Accountant.

Darren joined the PFA in 2002 where he is responsible for the strategic financial management of the PFA. His specific financial expertise has meant that he represents the PFA in a number of formal capacities. Darren is a Trustee of the PFA Benevolent Fund and Educational Fund, was a Trustee of the PFA Centenary Fund, Director and Secretary of PFA Enterprises Ltd, Secretary of PFA Nominees Limited, Part of the Business Continuity Team, Director of League Football Education, FIFPro Financial Committee Member and the PFA representative on Kick It Out Finance Committee. Darren also advises the Professional Players’ Federation on financial matters

Darren experienced first-hand the benefits of being a member of the PFA when he consulted the Union for assistance when his football career ended prematurely. The former England youth international says: “The PFA helped me with medical operations, legal advice and educational support which enabled me to put my life back in the right direction. I can’t recommend highly enough the assistance that the PFA offers its members, both those who are experiencing difficult times and those that are planning ahead for life after football.”

Darren acted as the PFA’s first point of contact with many survivors of childhood sexual abuse in football in late 2016 and from then as liaison between ‘SAVE’ and The PFA offering invaluable professional and personal advice when required or requested.

Darren is also the proud father of twin boys who have just entered the Liverpool FC Academy so will keep a particular eye on on our work from a parental point of view.

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