• Developed a healthy collaborative relationship with The Football Association since our initial meeting in Dec 2016 meeting regularly and being in ongoing contact with key executives.

  • From a very early point found common ground with each other allowing us to always present a united front.

  • Been involved in the development of the Footballer Survivor Support Plan initially and influentially with The PFA and then remained involved and consulted as The FA further developed this.

  • Met with and liaised with representatives of ‘Operation Hydrant’ in an effort to understand their aims, powers and difficulties. We have established a high level communication path and have worked towards establishing an ‘acceptable best practice’ model moving forward in terms of victim liaison.

  • Fed into the process with The FA in developing research regarding the overall understanding of ‘safeguarding’ at grass roots level.

  • Attended safeguarding workshops at County Football Associations.

  • Represented and liaised with the Professional Footballers Association on all matters.

  • Attended workshops to understand the various methods of therapy available to survivors.

  • Liaised with fellow survivors, advised, signposted and ‘walked with them to the next place’ in their recovery.

  • Presented our thoughts to both the Premier League and the English Football League and will continue to build those relationships whilst maintaining a consistent approach to safeguarding throughout the game.

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