Advocacy and Support

At SAVE we will endeavour to advocate and support victims/survivors in whatever way we can. Whether that be giving advice, support to change a career path by re-training, or through the judicial process. You May want to consider waiving your anonymity, something, we advise should be very carefully considered. Or you may want to be signposted to another agency.


Whatever it is you might need, if we can advocate and support you, will will endeavour to do so. However every resource has it's limitations and whenever we don't know the answers or do not have the skills to assist  you we will always look to signpost you to the best service available to meet your needs.

At SAVE we are in the privileged position to say we are working in conjunction with the PFA in order to provide an advocacy service for victims who are going through a judicial process. This initiative is funded by the PFA and the service is delivered by SAVE members who have a lived experience of abuse and personal experience of the court process. This service can be accessed pre, during and post the court case.

We recognise that there can be additional pressures other than turning up and appearing in court on the day. Additionally we understand that family members may also be significantly affected.

These additional burdens can be unnecessary distractions and whether it's making sure you have a lunch provided or you need assistance in finding out certain information we can provide a bespoke service delivered by people who genuinely understand. 

If you would like to know more about our advocacy service or if you need any assistance or advice please get in touch initially by contacting us at

Save Association C.I.C

Suite 5, Miller House, 47-49 Market Street

Farnworth, BL4 7NS

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