'SAVE' is primarily a survivor led community founded and led by Paul Stewart and David White who were both victims of childhood sexual abuse in a football setting.

We aim to effect positive change in safeguarding and victim engagement through football.

Our approach is a collaborative one, always to seek to work alongside authorities and organisations to achieve best results for children, vulnerable adults and survivors.

We believe that football, with it's unrivalled income streams and popularity is in a unique position to be able to constantly strive to achieve an exemplary standard in the protection of vulnerable people and the care of survivors of abuse.

When such standards are met, it is our very strongly held belief that such protocols should naturally disseminate into other sports and all regulated activities. Football should use it's priveleged position and power to share research, data and systems considered best practice to ensure that all children and vulnerable adults, in all regulated activity should be enjoying, learning and developing on a level playing field.

We represent our survivor members with integrity and confidentiality whether that be 'walking with them to the next place' in terms of therapy, the judicial system, personal development or indeed the civil justice system We will always ensure we maintain mutually respectful dialogue with the stakeholders at The FA, the PFA., the professional, amateur and grassroots game, the police, social services and the therapy community, always conducting discussions and negotiations with the best interests of our members in mind.

We believe a key element to recovery is inclusion in the solution or 'feeling part of the process'. Survivor members are encouraged to take advantage of our services or to take part at any level, whichever suits them at whatever time.

The football community is massive in terms of both partcipants and fans. We will always look to work alongside other such groups in both sport and other activities and in both child protection and survivor recovery to ensure that we can offer a suitable bespoke service to all associates.


We will be open

We will collaborate


We will share information




We will not step on others' toes

We will not default to criticism

We will be honest

We will work with integrity

We will be clear about our positions

We will not work beyond our skill sets


So far we have


  • Developed a healthy collaborative relationship with The Football Association since our initial meeting in Dec 2016 meeting regularly and being in ongoing contact with key executives.

  • From a very early point found common ground with each other allowing us to always present a united front.

  • Been involved in the development of the Footballer Survivor Support Plan initially and influentially with The PFA and then remained involved and consulted as The FA further developed this.

  • Met with and liaised with representatives of Operation Hydrant. Local police forces carry out investigations and are responsible for liaising with and updating victims. Operation Hydrant coordinates the police service response nationally, and has provided us with insight into the best practice model it puts forward for victim liaison which local forces then deliver.

  • Fed into the process with The FA in developing research regarding the overall understanding of ‘safeguarding’ at grass roots level.

  • Attended safeguarding workshops at County Football Associations.

  • Represented and liaised with the Professional Footballers Association on all matters.

  • Attended workshops to understand the various methods of therapy available to survivors.

  • Liaised with fellow survivors, advised, signposted and ‘walked with them to the next place’ in their recovery.

  • Presented our thoughts to both the Premier League and the English Football League and will continue to build those relationships whilst maintaining a consistent approach to safeguarding throughout the game.

In the future we will


  • Continue to develop our relationship with The FA and press to have a continuing influence on all matters concerning both safeguarding and victim support.

  • Become a charitable organisation.

  • Offer to act as a conduit between individual and groups of survivors within football and The FA., the police, the media and any other regulatory body or support network.

  • Support survivors on their road to recovery.

  • Continue to influence the development of the Football Survivors Support Plan and lobby other governing bodies to follow football’s lead in developing the plan.

  • Offer our knowledge as people with ‘lived experiences’ to football, other sports and all settings in areas of research, message delivery, training workshops and therapy initiatives.

  • Work closely with ‘Operation Hydrant’ and individual police forces where necessary to ensure victim liaison is as good as possible and meets best practice, ensuring victims feel they are part of the process and that expectation levels are being met.

  • Share our work with the Professional Footballers Association and any other such organisation both sporting and non sporting as appropriate.

  • Encourage sharing of research and systems within football and to other regulated activities where appropriate and to campaign for football to ‘take the lead’.

  • Respect all other charitable organisations and their work whilst always wanting to collaborate and share.

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