‘Walking with survivors’

'Walking with survivors'

'We will walk with members to the next place'

We can not claim the quote but it is perfect for how we see ourselves helping members. We are not therapists so will not try to offer therapy. We will however always endeavour to ensure a member is directed to the most suitable therapist. When a member is experiencing issues with their criminal complaint we will endeavour to get the answers and ensure that the police are adhering to their own Victim's code. We always aim to represent all 'survivors' in any discussions with members of the judicial system. If a member requires help or guidance from their union we will help them find the answer and/or the help they require. The Professional Footballers Association is an incredible organsation with wondeful services and benefits which are there waiting for you. They want to help you ! If a member wants to play a part in the process of improving the landscape in safeguarding, victim engagement or any specific area in which we work we will endeavour to help them find the route to that role. We will walk with them to the next place....