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Safeguarding for Coaches

Responsibility for all

Any robust and effective safeguarding system must be underpinned by the principal of 'responsibility for all'.  We absolutely know that the overwhelming majority of coaches and other volunteers consider safeguarding paramount in their work..... This said we also believe that this committment to safeguarding should be formalised with the introduction of 'safeguarding committees' within junior football, with all key volunteers taking an active role in the key decisions surrounding safegaurding. We believe this will offer more protection to both our children and to volunteers. We also advocate an overhaul of the current Disclosure and Disbarring Service. The system we use to determine and advise on an individual's suitability to work with children must also automatically advise when that suitability lapses. The DBS does not do that. Such a system may intrude more on the privacy of volunteers but we do not believe this should stand in the way of child protection.

'Let's make football safe not sorry'

'Let's make football safe not sorry'


Take a look at The current FA guidance to criminal record checks

We believe a fit for purpose DBS, functioning in a way to best protect vulnerable people, would automatically flag to employers and organisations when an employee or volunteer becomes unsuitable or potentially unsuitable to work with children and other vulnerable groups.


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